Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Communist Party condemns attacks against Trade unionists.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the anti-democratic campaign against the GWU Secretary General, Tony Zarb, and the ex- President of FOrum, John Bencini by the Nationalist Party and the right wing media.   
“Systematic attack against trade union leaders does not augurs well for Industrial Democracy. These same tactics are being used by the centre-right government in Greece against union representatives who are campaigning against austerity measures and precarious employment.”
The Party warns “that union leaders should be on the alert so not to fall into a snare when it is a proven fact that the interest of the capitalist class is to weaken trade union strength. These practices find the support of parties with right wing ideology.”  
“Union leaders should carry on with their struggle against precariousness and in defence of workers conditions regardless who they face. Those unions that defend the interests of the working people have the full support of the Communist Party of Malta.”
“In this situation we express our solidarity with the Secretary General of the GWU and the Ex-President of the FOrum.”

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