Friday, December 5, 2014

Communists appeal Government to embrace the Neutrality Clause.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the Government’s policy for allowing British warships to enter Malta’s Grand Harbour.
“This shows that the present administration is embracing a right wing policy that safeguard imperialist’s interests. The Maltese Government should safeguard the Neutrality clause that demands that Malta should be free from military vessels in its territorial waters”.
The Communist Party of Malta urges the Government to give an explanation, that while we are not involved in any war, Malta is giving hospitality to visiting military vessels. The Party appeals to all progressive forces in Malta to show their disapproval.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Europe abstained in Condemning any Attempts to glorify Nazism Ideology"

The Communist Party of Malta Condemns the position taken by the EU member states in abstaining in a UN resolution Against Nazism. Which This resolution was brought forward by the Russian Federation was only rejected by the US, Ukraine and Canada. Israel a US ally  supported the resolution. 

"Malta like the rest of Europe was a victim of Nazi war crimes During the Second World War, so there were no two ways about it, it should have supported the resolution against Fascist and NAZI ideology and so should Have the rest of the EU countries  without any condition. Instead They all chose to appease the US in its confrontation against Russia,  over the Ukraine issue ". 

"It is of grave Concern That a resolution calling for the universal adoption of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination was not supported by Malta and the rest of the EU countries. On the other hand it is gratifying to note that this resolution was supported by an overwhelming majority of the UN member states which included all the progressive countries in Latin America. " 

"No Increase in Minimum wage" - Communist Party of Malta.


The Communist Party of Malta deems the Budget as one that, Although there are positive measures: such as a one-off grant of € 1,000 per child for minimum wage earners, incentives for People with Disabilities, tax cut for first time property buyers, better paid maternity leave, grant to elderly people, and Measures to eradicate precarious jobs, still the minimum wage income  was not Increased .
" The Party also feels That the Measures To further reduce the income tax rate to 25% for the well-off as anti-social. The Government Should Have distributed reduction amongst the workers who earn less than € 20,000-through the raising-up the level of the income tax ceiling ".

The Communist Party concluded by saying "that although the 35 Euro bonus was a step in the right direction, feels that this was not enough. The majority of the working class will still carry the burden for the well-off.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The 2015 Budget should include an increase in the national minimum wage income.

The Communist Party of Malta stated that the national minimum wage income in Malta is not sufficient to ensure a decent standard of living. The party insists that the proposed compensation of €0.58 for the cost-of-living adjustment is too little for low income families.
“Workers on a minimum wage income should be treated with dignity.  The role of the state is to guarantee that. Therefore the party urges the government to raise the national minimum wage income.

 We also appeal to the Parliamentary opposition to support this proposal. The government should also strengthen the welfare state system in Malta by a more progressive taxation.

Communists condemn exploitation of foreign workers.

The Communist Party of Malta shows solidarity with all foreign workers in Malta who are being exploited by the capitalist class with the aim to accumulate more profits.

"The news that a Chinese factory is employing Chinese workers in exploitative conditions is condemnable. Social dumping and exploitation are practices that do not occur unintentionally. They are being deliberately promoted by European and National politicians as a normal free market business model”.

The Communist Party therefore urges the Maltese Government to introduce new legislation to ensure that foreign workers are not employed under inferior conditions of work and that the principle of equal rights, equal pay and equal treatment for all workers is being enforced.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Communists condemn approved bill on third pillar pension

The Communist Party of Malta criticizes the policy with regards to pensions schemes approved by Parliament recently. This policy will increase social inequality, and will introduce privatisation within the pension system. The Third Pillar private pension scheme will favour those well-off and will open the door for private campanies to take control of social security. 

The Party continues to state that the National minimum pension is not adequate for a person to live decently. Infact research show that the basic pension income is 15% less than the equivalent of 60% of the median wage. National statistics reveal that 22% of the pensioners are at risk of poverty. 

“The Government should immediately apply a policy that safeguards social justice in the  pension system. The government should also introduce a pension fund and increase the minimum pension income. Private pension schemes should not form part of government’s social security system”. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Budget 2015 should Address Social inequality and Precariousness.

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the Government to address inequality and precariousness in the forthcoming Budget 2015. National statistics of 2013 show, that social inequality is on the increase.
“To address inequality, the Government should introduce new measures that strengthen the Cost-of-living Adjustment so as to be more realistic. Increase the national minimum income, based on the Caritas report, and also increase the minimum pensionable income. Government should also aim to strengthen the Malta welfare state system, and moves away from the right wing concept of a welfare society.”
“The Government should introduce legislation against precarious jobs. A law that clearly defines the term precarious employment, based on the fact that jobs on a temporary contract, agency workers, and ‘self-employment’ should all be classified as precarious jobs, as these kind of employment does not offer a regular employment; impedes access to home loan services; offer low wages and inferior conditions of work and obstruct unionization and collective bargaining. The ILO definition of precarious jobs is also clear in this regard”.            
“With regards to the prices of essential commodities and services, the Government should aim to offer more social protection to the consumer. Public services should not be privatized and government’s subsidies should be strengthened to safeguard affordability”, stated the Communist Party of Malta.