Tuesday, April 21, 2015



On Sunday the 19th of April the Communist Party of Malta and the Garden of Knowledge held  a petition signing activity in Republic Street Valletta, in Solidarity with the people of Venezuela  who are undergoing a siege from the opposition parties and are being threatened with a military invasion by the Obama Administration. Here under we are reproducing the leaflet that was distributed during the activity

The “Executive Order” signed by President Barack Hussein Obama, which declared the situation in Venezuela as an extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States”, represents an act of provocation and interference that threatens the sovereignty, the self-determination and Peace of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and all Latin America and the Caribbean.
 Hugo Rafael Ch├ívez Frias was a Venezuelan politician and the President of Venezuela from 1999 until his death in 2013. He was the leader of the Fifth Republic Movement from its foundation in 1997 until 2007, when it merged with several other parties to form the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), which he led until 2012. The time served as President Chavez was always elected in free and democratic elections. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela resulted from the outcome of a democratic referendum to amend the Venezuelan Constitution. This caused a revolutionary change in favour of the vast majority of the people, where a very high percentage of the Venezuelan population are poor while Venezuela is a very rich country.
 Stability in Venezuela is being threatened by the opposition parties who refuse to admit that fair and square they lost all elections since 1999. They went as far as perpetrating a coup in 2002 which eventually was unsuccessful. Even today under the Maduro Presidency they tried another abortive coup. The United State today is left with only one option, that of a flagrant aggression against the people of Venezuela.
 These attempts to destabilise and put back the clock on the popular  gains and advances in Latin America and the Caribbean  in order to restore the hegemony and the geostrategic control that the United States had on this region should be condemned. We urge the United States President to retrieve his Executive Order against Venezuela, and seek other roads towards peace and stability.
Victor Degiovanni
Secretary Communist Party of Malta

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Islamophobia and Anti-Communism go hand in hand

1). Origins of Anti-Communism.

In Europe after the Napoleonic wars, the prevalent conditions of the majority of the population, was abject poverty. This gave rise to political struggle, within each and every European Country by the workers, in an effort to emancipate themselves, and to better their living conditions.  This impetus gave birth to the first workers parties, thus a Socialist ideology came into being through the writings of Charles Fourier, Henry de Saint Simon, and Robert Owen, these writers gave outlines to an imaginary future idealistic society, however, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in their Communist Manifesto of 1848 described this as Utopian Socialism. Nonetheless it was the Marxist thought that finally formulated Socialism.

With the coming of the Industrial revolution in European Countries, primarily in Britain and France, and later on in Germany, new markets and raw materials were on demand by the Capitalist.  This led to the colonizing of countries in Asia, Africa, and in the Americas. The greed for raw materials obtained in these colonies culminated into an Imperialist war. Germany a late comer on the scene demanded a bigger share to be on par with Britain and France.

After Karl Marx death in 1885, Friedrich Engels along with other Socialists formed up the Second International. At different meetings of this International, resolutions were passed, in order to stop the impending imperialist war. These resolutions called upon all the parties that participated, to agitate among the working class so that workers will not enlist in armies if such war comes about. The French and German Socialists, found excuses not to abide by these resolutions, and this were to bring a splinter within the socialist movement that still exists to this day.

The First World War brought about radical changes namely:

·    The Austro Hungarian and Ottoman Empires ceased to exist.

·    In Russia, to the chagrin of the bourgeois states around the World, the Great October Revolution ushered a new workers state, and the Soviet Union was created, in what before was the Tsarist Empire.  

·    Defeated Germany collapsed with the war reparation it was made to pay by the victorious side  namely France, Britain and the USA.

2). Anti-Communism is a bourgeois phenomena.

Anti-Communism is bourgeois phenomena this was the direct consequence of the anti-Sovietism stance taken by the bourgeoisie, from the very beginning of the USSR.14 Nations intervened without success in the civil war that ensued after the victory of the Bolshevik Revolution.
Anti-Communism in the 1930’s found a new hot bed in NAZI Germany, and most of the NAZI propaganda of that time, is still being recycled over and over again today.
 After the dismantling of the Soviet state in beginning of the 1990’s, and with the fall of the Berlin Wall, anti-communism found a new impetus. The extreme right once again came into the scene in Eastern Europe and in some of the republics that formed the Soviet Union. Communist Parties in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Romania,  and in other former Socialist  states or Soviet Republics, came under fire, in some cases the name communist became illegal, so were communist insignia, and to add insult to injury proposals to equate Communism with Nazism were brought forward. 

3). Origins of Islamophobia.

The racist policies, in most Western European countries, result mainly, from their servitude towards US imperialism. Laws are being enacted within these countries aimed at persons of Islamic beliefs, under the excuse of a war on terror. It has been proved that Islamic fundamentalism is being financed and supported by the US, and its’ allies in the Middle East, namely the Zionist state of Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
Anti-Islamic roots have origins from the Imperialist policies of Britain and France way back prior to the First World War,  when they viewed the Middle East as region rich in Petroleum, and with these aims, planned the setup of a Jewish State in Palestine so to ensure their hold on these lands .  
The division of the Ottoman lands in the Middle East after the First World War, at Versailles. Britain and France held on to territories belonging to Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and to other territories in the Persian Gulf, giving what remained to the Wahhabis to form Saudi Arabia.

Much later after the Second World War, a democratically elected Mohammad Mosaddegh Government in Iran was deposed by an Anglo-American covert operation after the Mosaddegh Government had nationalized Iran’s natural resources. This was the first time the US had overthrown a foreign government.
In 1965 over two million communists were estimated to have been massacred in Indonesia in the CIA backed coup against the Sukarno Government, all members belonging to the Indonesian Communist Party were hunted down and if caught murdered.                                                 In his book “The Struggle of a Muslim Communist”, Hasan Raid a survivor of this massacre gives an account of this and of the relations that exists between Islam and Communism.
The unjust Partitioning of Palestine by the UN also comes into the picture. When the state of Israel was created on Palestinian lands. Massacres were committed by the Zionists after they took hold of these lands, in an ethnic cleansing drive against the Palestinian population,
The unjustified aggression against Iraq, in the 1990’s with blatant lies, that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, and the fact that this war was not sanctioned by the U.N. are examples of Imperialism’s need for Islamophobia.

George H.W. Bush the US President and the British Premier Tony Blair were behind this imbroglio, and should be brought to justice as war criminals.
The war against Afghanistan, again The US used another excuse, this time the September 11th 2001 attack, on the World Trade Centre in New York.  Today there is more than enough evidence that shows that this could have been self-inflicted.The second Iraqi war was also fought under the same pretences. All of this, and other more recent events, build up the scenario behind which Islamophobia hides.
For well over 20 years Islamophobia has been the excuse behind the imperialist wars in the Middle East. The reasons given to justify the actions of US and its’ allies for the criminal wars are the acts of terror committed by Islamic fundamentalism. While the Israeli’s genocidal policy against the Palestinian people is completely ignored.

Western Liberals and some leftists are supporting the Imperialist intervention in the Middle East, on the basis of encouraging secular democracy, and for the advancement of women rights. The US had spent trillions of dollars in the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, yet US Imperialism is not concerned on how their Saudi ally treats women.

4). Islamophobia and the so called left.

In Malta like in other European Countries, around 60% of the population does not distinguish between Islam and Islamic fundamentalism. To a large number of Maltese every Muslim person is a terrorist, even more so, they do not believe that IS, ISIL or Al Qaeda are US creations, and that these terror groups are financed, and armed by the CIA, the Saudis and Israelis. The support that the Maltese public used to give to the Palestinians has waned because of this hysteria.
Like most Liberals, some of the Leftists in Malta also subscribe to this fear. They even deny that imperialism exists, and take the side of the US, in aggressions likes the ones in Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan, claiming that the US and NATO are defending the world from Islamic terror, they go as far as claiming that the West had liberated Libya and Iraq from a dictators, while completely disregarding the fact, that the only liberation that these aggressors were contemplating, was relieving the Libyans and Iraqis from their natural resources namely petroleum. Some Leftists here in Malta even boasted that they were very pleased; with the NATO attack on Libya.

Both Anti-Communism and Islamophobia are myths that bourgeoisie use for their hidden agendas, to retain their class supremacy and continue to plunder other countries resources around the globe    The truth is that Islamic fundamentalism is not for the good of Muslim Societies around the world, the same goes with Anti-Communism. It is not there to protect the working class both are tools of the Bourgeoisie in their imperialistic quest for the plunder of world resources.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Maltese Communists condemn the arrest of eight Anti-Fascists activists in Spain.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the arrest of eight anti-fascists activists in Spain who recently returned from Ukraine, after spending several months defending the people of Eastern Ukraine from the brutality and killings that was being committed by the military forces that back the Fascists Government in Kiev.

The Party also denounces the persecution of the Communist Party of Ukraine and the illegal dissolution of its parliamentary group. Many activists from the communist movement in Ukraine were either arrested, tortured, or murdered.

The Communist Party also condemns the formation of the new Ukrainian Government that includes amongst it ex leaders from the paramilitary far right NAZI groups and other fascist organizations. 

Communists support Government’s position to strengthen the national basic pension income.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the position taken by the Government to put into action a strategy to strengthen the pay-as-you-go state pension system. 
“The government should also introduce a pension fund as this will safeguard sustainability and security of the state pension system. The alternative option, the second pillar private pension system does not guarantee universality, adequacy and sustainability. Infact, workers with low income and precarious jobs will be the first to loose under the second pillar system”.
“The national minimum pension income is not adequate for a person to live decently. Infact, the basic pension income is 15% less than the equivalent of 60% of the median wage, which is the level of adequacy. National statistics reveal that 22% of the pensioners are at risk of poverty”.
The Communist Party of Malta insists that private pension schemes should not form part of government’s social security system. Social security could only be guaranteed by the state.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Communists support Dr Alfred Sant's position on solidarity with the people of Greece.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the appeal made by Dr Alfred Sant in the European Parliament calling on the Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S & D) to support the proposal put forward by the Greek Government to the European Commission for a debt relief.

“The stand taken by Dr Alfred Sant contrasts with the comments made recently by the Government who is insisting that the Greek Government should respect the obligations, and treaties signed by previous Administrations. These obligations mean a continuation of EU austerity measures on the people of Greece". 

The Communist Party of Malta stated that “it was not the working class that had brought about the collapse of the Greek economy, but the capitalist speculative system. We support the positions that are being taken by the Leftist Government in  Greece, in defense of the working class.

Communists appeal Government to address ‘energy poverty’.

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the Government for affordable prices in the use of domestic gas. Energy Poverty is defined as the lack of adequate modern energy for the basic needs of cooking, warmth, and lighting.

The Party said that “many families and pensioners are finding it difficult to regularly make use of this commodity due to low incomes. National statistics show that 99,000 persons are at risk poverty”.

“The prevalent conditions where many cannot afford to heat up their houses during the winter months can be noted by the high amount of new cases related to respiratory ailments at Mater Dei”, stated the Communist Party of Malta.

“To address the situation, the Communist Party of Malta urges the Government to either subsidize this commodity or else re-nationalize this service. Essential commodities, such as gas, electricity and water should remain under state control”.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Communists welcome the success obtained by the Left in Greece.

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes the success obtained by the left in the General elections held last Sunday in Greece. The total percentage of votes cast in favour of Syriza and KKE (Communist Party of Greece) was 41.8% 

"This result brings hope to the left, radical, and Communist Parties in Europe, and restores back the people’s confidence in these parties. There is great hope that the example of Greece will also be followed in Spain, Cyprus, and in other EU countries

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the draconian austerity measures that the European Union had imposed on the people of Greece, as these measures, brought only misery, insecurity and high unemployment'.

The Communist Party of Malta has sent congratulatory messages to Syriza for its’ great victory, and to the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) which succeeded in maintaining its presence in Parliament contrary to what was predicted by the right wing.