Saturday, November 21, 2015

“Malta should remain Neutral” – Communist Party of Malta.

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to The Government not to involve Malta in the conflict that is taking place in Syria which is the result of imperialism.
“The international community should condemn all those countries that finance and military support terrorists groups like ISIS with the aim to destabilize regimes that do not adhere to the imperialist diktat. As communists we strongly condemn the acts of terror committed by ISIS in Paris, Beirut, and other cities”.  
“With regards to the appeal made by Francois Holland, President of the French Republic for military support from all EU member states, under the article 42.7 of the EU Treaty, the Party states that this act of terrorism was not a military invasion. Also the Maltese Constitution literally forbids Malta from taking sides and should remain neutral”.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

EU-Africa Summit on Migration – “Communists call for the demilitarisation in Africa”.

The Communist Party of Malta stated that “the EU-African Summit on Migration taking place in Malta totally violates the principle of participatory democracy. International organisations working in Africa and others taking care of the well being of irregular or assisted immigrants are kept out from contributing to this conference. We express solidarity with all these organizations”.
“With respect to the summit, the Communist Party of Malta urges all State participants to radically alter the way the International Monetary Fund and the WTO operate with respect to Africa. The policies prescribed by the World Bank and IMF have increased poverty in the African continent. Also people in Africa are not benefiting from the exploitation of Africa national resources by private companies”, stated the Communist Party of Malta.
“With regards to wars and conflict, the Party appeals all European countries to work towards the demilitarization in Africa, especially to stop the flow of arms to militant groups in Africa”.

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Day Against Fascism.

The Communist Party of Malta states "that all progressive and left wing forces in Malta should join forces against the rise of fascism in Europe. The popularity of extreme right wing parties is on the rise especially in eastern European countries.
The Communist Party condemns the EU stance on the events that took place in Ukraine, were undemocratic extreme right forces found support from European institutions. The position taken by the European Union in support to the coup that had taken place in Ukraine goes totally against the founding principles of the European Union.

“With regards to the present civil conflict that is occurring in Ukraine, the Party expressed solidarity with the Communist Party of Ukraine and the just struggles of the people in the Donbass region against the fascist impositions of the Kiev regime”.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Communist Party Malta Address at the 17th IMCWP

Comrade Chairperson, Comrades,

First I would like to thank the Communist Party of Turkey for inviting the CP of Malta to participate in this forum and to offer them solidarity in this moment of their struggles against reactionary forces here in Turkey

Communist and Workers Parties have the responsibility for organising its cadres into a force that will be militant and active on the shop floor and in the trade unions to direct the workers in class struggles against the onslaught waged by the bourgeoisie in an effort to put the clock back and take away the gains made by workers through hard struggles, during the last 100 years or so.

Setbacks that are being perpetrated result directly from the failure of the capitalist system to provide adequately for full employment, and to stave off poverty.  Jobs, that are being offered to today offer no security, as definite short contracts, low wages, and bad conditions of work, in short precarious employment. Precariousness which is resulting from neo-liberal policies is a problem that has to be tackled before we can continue on our revolutionary path.

Communist and workers parties where it is possible should form their own trade unions some parties already do so, to mention one example, PAME which is the leading force in the struggle against austerity that is being imposed by the troika on Greece

The struggle against austerity being imposed by the troika comprising of the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund, on European Countries must be in the forefront of all other struggles for parties that are European Union member countries. Also of primary importance for these parties is the struggle against the imposition of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) which again is threatening workers’ rights and livelihood

In an effort to globalise the world, and also to impose its’ imperialistic diktat, on small countries. the US has committed countless aggressions. These aggressions were mostly committed with the aid of its’ NATO allies to halt progress peoples’ progress towards social emancipation. Since the Second World War the US had interfered in countless countries in many parts of the world. The US through its covert agencies had been behind many reactionary coups. To mention a few examples, the one against the Mohammad Mosaddegh government in Iran back in 1953 and against Salvador Allende in Chile in 1973 and more recently in Ukraine.

Whenever subversion failed to obtain the desired results the US used its military might was used, as what has happened in former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now by covert means once again is trying to bring a regime change in Syria which has so far resisted all attempts that US has tried through its Islamic State henchmen which up to now have failed to achieve their goals. Means of improving the ways of making the workers fully conscious of the perils that imperialism is putting on world peace are a must, otherwise another global conflagration is on the US agenda. 

Social democratic parties must be exposed for what they are. They do not really have the worker’s interest at heart and always deceive them to accept the bourgeoisie impositions. A recent example is how SYRIZA has betrayed the workers in Greece. The path of struggle is long and tortuous and no short cuts are possible. Workers must be shown that it would be in their interest to direct their struggle towards the achievement of a classless society, that this is only possible through Socialism and this cannot be done through the polling booths in a system manipulated by the bourgeoisie. They first must see through the bourgeoisie propaganda which does it utmost to confound them then the polling booths can give them a triumph over the capitalist system as the way is then clear for the transformation of Society.

Militancy by the working classes of every country should be synchronised and translated into one struggle in order to defeat Capitalism as a system.  The bourgeoisie are once again is resorting to fascism as they had done in the 1930s  in order to defeat the wave of progressive ideas that are resulting from capitalism’s inability to offer viable solutions against the problems that are affecting the working classes around the world today.

Long live Socialism.
Long Live Marxism Leninism.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

An Appeal To the Communist, Workers and Leftist Parties in the World

For many years, the Syrian state and people have been exposed to a fierce terrorist invasion, led by extremist groups came to Syria from more than 80 countries to destroy the infrastructure, and to shed the blood of innocent citizens.
Definitely, these crimes could not be committed without the boundless support granted to the terrorists by the imperial powers of the USA, France, and the UK, and their partners in our region mainly, the Turkish and gulf regimes, the so-called “the international alliance” which hinders all the efforts to reach a political solution to the Syrian crisis.
Syria has always warned the international society of the dangers of transforming this terrorism and takfirism – threat, into a regional and international one, and that is happening today in many countries like Iraq, Libya and some European countries.
In spite of the Security Council resolution No 2199, which prohibits the financing of the terrorist groups such as “ISIS” and “Al-Nusra Front”, nevertheless the crimes of these groups are still continuing, killing thousands of civilians. As happened to Al-Sheitat tribe in Deir Al-ZOR and Aleppo province the victims of the terrorist groups were school students, besides the massacre in Tel Tamer the province of Al-Hasaka, the majority of which inhabitants are Assyrians, (the old historically well-known population of the region).
Another crime of takfirist groups committed against humanity is the destruction of ancient monuments in Syria and Iraq and the stealing of artifacts, as we believe the aim of such actions is to efface the history of this region.
Lately, those terrorists commit carnage in Mabuja village near by Salamieh, where more than 60 people were killed at night, followed by invasion of Edleb with a contribution from the Turkish armed forces, in addition to many other crimes done by these groups in many of the Syrian cities and villages.
The Syrian communist party (unified)
Requests all the worker and communist parties and all the progressive powers in the world to denounce the terrorist crimes in Syria as well in Iraq, and to express their solidarity with the Syrian people who is still resist against the crimes and dark ideology of the reactionary powers and their extremist tools, the terrorist organizations, in spite of all kinds of blockades, and economic sanctions imposed against them.
The Syrian people are still looking forward to a democratic, secular future through an inclusive national dialogue, to reach a political solution of the Syrian crisis.
No, to the support of terrorism.
Yes, for solidarity and humanitarian support to Syrian people.
Comradely salute.
Hunein Nemer
General Secretary of
The Syrian Communist Party (Unified)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Budget lacks immediate measures to tackle poverty.

The Communist Party of Malta said that Budget 2016 lacks in its vision to give importance to raise the minimum wage, which is essential for many workers who are stacked in precarious employment, such as those on a part-time basis and on a definite contract. On the other hand, the Party welcomes measures that once again exempt workers on a minimum wage income from paying tax.
“With regards to the pension reform, the Party stated that the government’s strategy to raise the minimum basic pension to an adequate level by 2027 is positive, but still this does not address the precarious situation of poverty amongst the pensioners today”.
“The tax reduction given to workers in the bracket of less than €19,000 is also a positive step, but when compared to the tax rate reduction given to the well-off in the previous budget, the comparisons are odious, as this does not address social inequality”.
“On the other hand, The Party welcome measures to tackle exploitation of irregular immigrants and the addressing of abusive work practices in government contracts. The Government should introduce legislation against precarious employment”.                

"What’s happening in Libya and why is it important? From Africa’s Richest State Under Gaddafi to Failed State After NATO aggression ."

Maltese-Libyan Relations during “The Socialist Libyan Jamaharija” years
The role the Maltese Government played in the US, NATO aggression against Libya was completely unconstitutional as it went directly opposite to the neutral clause in Malta’s constitution. According to the Maltese Constitution, Malta should not have taken sides. Also when one remembers, that back in 1971 it was Libya under Col, Muammar Ghaddafi that had given financial aid to Malta, to rid itself of the NATO military presence here instead Malta stabbed Libya in the back by taking the side of the Western powers, which wanted to take control of Libya for its natural resources.
Like the Iraqi Aggression by the Bush administration in the United States and the Blair Government in the United Kingdom had criminally attacked had Iraq without the approval and the backing of the UN Security Council. The NATO war against Libya was also illegal as it was not sanctioned by the UN Security Council, The only resolution that had passed through the UN Security Council was for “a no fly zone” in Libya and not for a full scale attack on Libya, as NATO had eventually perpetrated.
This led to:
1)   The mass slaughter of Libyan Civilians
2)   The murder of the Libyan leader Col. Muammar Ghaddafi
3)   The dismemberment of the Libyan State and total collapse as now different Governments rival each other for total control that is beyond their reach as armed group of terrorist bandits opposing each other have taken control of different areas of the countries.

On the 1st of September of 1969, after the overthrow of King Idris, the Green revolution was born under the leadership of Col Muammar Ghaddafi. This eventually led to founding of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya whose ideals are stated in the Green Book where the Libyan mass population became entitled to health care, education, free social housing and a say in the governance of the country by the introduction the popular councils.
The progressive anti-imperialist stances that the now new Libyan Government was taking plus the fact that it wrested Libya’s main natural resource Petroleum from foreign control made enemies the US, being the main instigator against Libya. 
Libya was being blamed for all things bad that were happening this culminated in the Lockerbie affair, when UN sanctions against Libya were applied, thus stopping all air flights to Libya, travelling to Libya from Malta could only be done by sea. After the Lockerbie affair was settled. The Libyan authorities tried a new approach with the US and the other Imperialist countries, this however proved to be fatal through the CIA and under covert US organisation a revolt was fermented by terrorist organisations financed by the US. What resulted after is well known.
The relations that Malta had with the neighbouring Libyan state were on the whole very good except for a brief period where there was a disagreement over the median line which was eventually settled by the international court. These good relations that existed between the countries were of benefit to both Malta and Libya, in many economical spheres.
Libya invested and exported from Malta, also employed Maltese nationals in many Libyan projects, while Malta also invested in Libya and imported oil at very moderate prices when the price of petroleum went up sky high globally.

All this was lost as the criminal war that was imposed on Libya had devastated and left this country in a sorry state, which will take years before Libya, can return to its former glory. However there is hope as green flags are being seen on the streets once more.

An Address read by V. Degiovanni at the conference on 9th October 2015 Following the debate held on the topic of “What’s happening in Libya And Why is it important-Libya from Africa richest state under Gaddafi to a failed state after-NATO Aggression”
All speakers (4) were present and the debate opened in the Council Room at the General Workers Union in Valletta Capital , with an audience of over 85 people , a dozen members of ALBA Malta North Africa Coordination and TV One News at 18.30 hrs, Friday, October 9, 2015.
The presentation of the whole debate was conducted by the Maltese journalist Ramona Wadi.
On the Libyan issue the first speaker Dr. Mohamed Hassan, presented in a clear , instructive, very rich and vivid way, the historical and geopolitical context of the destruction of a sovereign and independent African-Arab state. He placed the NATO aggression in context with the emphasis on inter-imperialist contradictions, the general capitalist crisis in Europe and the USA, the emergence of the new Asian economic power (China, India, Korea,) , the BRICS, SHANGAI TREATY and Latin America ALBA.
He emphasised that in order to dominate your competitors both economically and militarily, to reverse the balance of power they had to develop a strategy, which included;
1- Somalisation and the provocation of a counter-revolution in the name of “democracy.”
2-Implement a “strategy of chaos” in the African continent and proceed with recolonization .
“If you can not dominate a country, destroyed it”
To conclude, he revealed how the strategy of chaos, created by imperialist powers (USA / EU), led to the domination of Africa and the Arab homeland. (This process is described in detail in his writings; “The Strategy of Chaos“, “Jihad Made in USA” and Somalia: How Colonial Powers Drove A Country Into Chaos, written in collaboration with Michel Collon.
Dr. Hassan called for unity of the resistance and invited Libyan activists and the Libyan Popular National Movement to expose what is happening in Libya, everywhere in Europe, particularly during this unique and critical historical period. He extended an invitation for them to give a presentation in Belgium.
We, the Alba Malta North Africa Coordination, strongly support this initiative.
A vigorous debate followed which was exceptional for Malta, where there is repression of this subject by media, all political forces and intellectual clerics.
The second speaker, the Director of the Jesuit Centre for Refugees, Dr. Katrine Camilleri, gave us statistical material about the situation of refugees, since the mainstream media practice “selective humanitarianism”, guiding which victims, refugees and countries they feature.
Our third speaker, the secretary of Communist Party of Malta, Victor de Giovanni , provided an historical overview of the relationship between Libya and Malta and regretted that the  other left forces do not object more strongly to the war against Libya, reminding us of the Maltese complicity in the destruction of a sovereign and independent country. (Libya helped Malta during its financial crisis and in numerous other ways.)
This lively topic on Libya and its destruction as a Nation opened up a polemic that has enabled us to deepen the subject thanks to the representative of the Libyan People’s National Movement who have spoken to the Maltese public for the first time on the fight of this movement against Islamist terrorism in Libya and outside Libya.
Dr. Mohamed Hassan was able to respond to sensitive issues and link the murder of a nation by imperialist powers with that of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Sudan and Afghanistan.
We extend our thanks to the friendly Libyan public who were able to speak for the first time, the attentive Maltese audience, students of the University of Malta on “conflict resolution”, all our staff, The Tricontinental Platform, We the People from Tunisia, the speakers who were present, and all other participants that have accepted our invitation.
Thanks also Investig’Action who provided us the following books:
We thank the Jesuit Refugee Service who provided us with the document, “Libya Beyond Imagination: Assylum Seekers Testify to Life in Libya“.
Our deep salute and brotherhood go specially to Dr Mohamed Hassan and its excellent revealing presentation. He enhances our comprehension of the current situation.
Long live to the internationalist solidarity and Anti imperialist struggle.
Por la soberanĂ­a socialista de los pueblos.
We invite you to forward this message and to multiply the initiative to support the national liberation of Libya.
Alba Malta North Africa Coordination
"What’s happening in Libya and why is it important? From Africa’s Richest State Under Gaddafi to Failed State After NATO aggression ."