Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Communists condemn Maltese MEPs' vote against protection for Snowden.

"The European Parliament voted against the granting of protection and asylum to Edward Snowden in Europe. Four of the six Maltese MEPs also supported this policy”, stated the Communist Party of Malta.
“Edward Snowden is risking his life in making public the massive scandal of US on-line surveillance and spying. Snowden revealed details of US violation of fundamental rights of European laws on the protection of data”.

“On the other hand, the Party applauds the Russian authorities’ offer of complete protection to Edward Snowden.  Other Communists and Workers parties criticized the EU for playing in the hands of imperialism".

With regards to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the Communist Party of Malta calls upon the Government and Maltese MEPs to strongly oppose this ‘neoliberal’ agreement which is being negotiated between the European Union and the United States, with the aim to bolster economic activity between the two blocks, through further liberalisation and deregulation of the market, with direct threat to workers' rights, environmental and consumer protection, health and public education.


Monday, March 31, 2014

The Maltese Government should adhere to Freedom Day’s Principles.


The Communist Party of Malta commemorates Freedom Day and appeals to the Maltese Government to sustain a neutral foreign policy that keeps away from all military blocks.  
“The position taken by the Maltese Government with regards to the UE policy that supported and abetted the coup against the democratically elected government in the Ukraine, and the agreement reached between the Zionist state of Israel and Malta are all signs that Malta’s foreign policy have changed from an non-aligned Neutral policy to one that is servile to US imperialism”.
“The regular visit of foreign military vessels in our ports is a violation of the Maltese Constitution. The same applies to the Maltese participation in ‘NATO’s Partnership for Peace’. Freedom Day should inspire the government to embrace a policy that promotes peace in the Mediterranean and strengthens sovereignty”.
“With regards to the ‘Arab Spring’, the Communist Party of Malta urges the government to give support to progressive and secular movements and condemn Islamic extremism that is being supported by US Imperialism”.
“The Maltese Government should also oppose the Neo-liberal agreement (TTIP) that is being negotiated between the US and EU with the aim to further deregulate and liberalize the economic market between the two blocks, which is a direct threat to people’s sovereignty from Multi-Nationals, dismantlement of worker’s rights, consumer’s protection, the environment, and the privatization of public services, such as health and education”, states the Communist Party of Malta.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Solidarity with the people of Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution.

Masses defend the Bolivarian Revolution

The Communist Party of Malta supports the position taken by the by the Left in Europe during a solidarity meeting with the ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Mario Ricardo Isea in Madrid, against the aggression towards the Venezuelan people in a vital moment for the Bolivarian revolution which is threatened by what is called “as the most brutal attempt to destabilize Latin America.

The Communist Party express its full solidarity with the people of Venezuela and their freely elected government, and condemns the vicious campaign of disinformation conducted by right-wing forces in Malta against Venezuela.

The Party also denounced the recent resolution of the European Parliament in where it takes a “colonialist stance”, and interferes, while giving priority to the international economic interests over the right to self-determination of the Venezuelan people. This resolution had been adopted with 463 votes, which includes support from the European social democracy.
It is of major concern, that various right wing and extreme forces in Latin America are trying to acquire power through “fascist methods and through a coup”, as they had tried before in 2002 in Venezuela. Same strategy has been applied in Ukraine to oust the democratically elected president Viktor Yanukovich”.

The Communist Party of Malta also takes this opportunity to send greetings to the new elected left wing President in El Salvador, Salvador Sánchez Cerén, from the ‘Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN). This recent election has tested the democratic pillars of this Central American nation were after two decades, the civil war has come to an end.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Communists call for a change in Maltese Detention Policy

The Communist Party of Malta considers that the visit made by the four MPs to the closed detention centre at Ħal Far could have been seen as a provocation. Irregular immigration should not be subject to any detention policy.

"On the contrary, it should be one that shows solidarity with these immigrants. These people are victims of a capitalist economic system where conflict, poverty, exploitation and slavery are an integral part of this economic system."

The Party calls upon the Maltese parliament to change the detention policy to a one in favour of open centres. On European level, Malta should stand firm for a compulsory burden sharing.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns “EU double standards ” with regards to Ukraine’s internal affairs.

The Communist Party of Malta said that “the position taken by the European Union is condemnable, both in its double standards and hypocrisy”.

“In 2010, the Council of Europe passed a resolution 1755 to welcome “the consolidation of power” of the democratically elected President Yanukovich in Ukraine, and called this as being “desirable”. This was the time when Yanukovich was in constant negotiations with EU partners to bring the country close to the European Union”. 

“The change in EU position and the support given to the opposition to throw out of power the democratically elected president is a clear signal that the EU is losing its democratic credentials and acting the same way as any other imperialist country”.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the only democratic voice in this crisis, the Communist Party of Ukraine which is calling for a national referendum on the definition of foreign economic policy of Ukraine’s integration and to carry out a political reform, eliminate the institution of the president and install a parliamentary republic, significantly expand the rights of territorial communities. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Financial Transaction Tax (FTT): Malta should back EU Commission’s proposal.

The Communist Party of Malta is highly concerned with the lack of support that is being given to the European Commission’s proposal for a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) by the majority of the Maltese candidates contesting the European Parliamentary Elections.
The Party stressed that “in order to address poverty and social inequality, the European Union need to change radically its political path and also introduce more progressive fiscal policies, such as the financial transaction tax. Otherwise, the European Union will not haveenough money to pay for policies planned at European level, such assistance to agriculture, assistance to poorer regions, and sufficient funding to address unemployment, poverty and social inequality”.
The Communist Party of Malta appeals to all candidates to support this European proposal. It is clear that to strengthen the European Social Model, Malta should not take a position against. Instead we should encourage the harmonisation of this tax. The Communists and Left Block in the European Parliament are also defending this proposal.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Communists condemn foreign interference in Ukraine’s internal affairs

Neo-NAZI violence in Kiev

The Communist Party of Malta joins forces with other European Communists and Workers Parties in solidarity with the working people and the Communist Party of Ukraine who are under constant attack by extreme right wing forces. 
“Neo Nazis have taken over the opposition parties’ demonstration and turned them over into extreme acts of violence. The European Union and US are also to blame for all this due to their biased stance taken against the democratically elected Ukrainian government. It is also shameful that the EU Commissioner and US senators have participated in the demonstrations organised by the opposition.”
The Communist Party of Malta believes that the final decision should be taken by the people of Ukraine through a referendum and not by a violent mob in the streets of Kiev. EU is backing a section of the imperialist powers which are fighting each other over who will prevail in a relentless competition over the markets and energy sources. Maltese MEPs should support the Left in the European Parliament who are calling upon the European Union and its members to act as a mediator and push for both sides to come to a political solution.