Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hands off the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea!

The recent provocation by the US and the Republic of Korea towards the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, whereby the DPRK is being framed for the Sinking of the South Korean Warship Cheonan, shows off the hostile policy by the US and and its puppets in the Republic of Korea towards the DPRK.

This new threat being leveled at North Korea, has the intentions to bring about, a new round of sanctions against the progressive people of the DPRK by the international community. However the DPRK is denying any involvement in this unfortunate incident where 46 Sailors lost their lives

The Cheonan incident has a strong smell of foul play committed by the accusers. This reminds us of another similar incident in the past. During Cuba’s war of independence the USS Warship Maine was blown up in Havana’s harbour, and the US conveniently blamed Spain for this misdeed, so it could interfere in Cuba’s liberation war.

Had the DPRK sunk the Cheonan as it is being claimed it would not had been afraid to declare it it. The DPRK was not scared to capture US gunboats that trespassed into its territorial waters in the past

The results alleged by the investigations of the causes that sunk the Cheonan were concluded by those who lied on weapons of mass destruction that Iraq was alleged to possess prior to the Iraqi Invasion which had not the approval of the UN. Can we ever believe such fabrications?.

US Imperialism which was instrumental in splitting Korea into two separate states and has kept its influence through a series of military puppet dictators and always thwarted the people’s wishes for reunification of the two Koreas

The US still cannot stomach the defeat it suffered it suffered at the hands the Democratic Korea People’s Army during the Korean War and 57 years on.
War Mongering hawks in the Pentagon has still have revanchist plans and schemes against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
The Communist Party of Malta calls for a stop of these provocations so that the people of both Koreas will be free to reunite their country.



    Meeting in London, UK demands “Hands off Korea!”


    Following the speeches, the meeting unanimously passed a resolution on the Cheonan incident, which reads in full:

    “This meeting expresses its full solidarity with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) in the face of the campaign of lies and slanders being waged against it in the wake of the sinking of the south Korean vessel, the Cheonan. These lies and slanders are being used to justify enhanced sanctions and further aggressive military exercises. These, in turn, are aimed at isolating the DPRK, imposing suffering on its people, and considerably increase the danger of a new Korean War, something that would be a disaster, not only for the Korean people but the whole world. The attempt to blame the DPRK for the sinking of the Cheonan is itself a despicable provocation as not a shred of real evidence has been produced. What really remains to be established is whether this was a tragic accident caused by incompetence and disregard for human life or a more sinister ‘false flag’ operation cooked up by the US imperialists and their south Korean servants. If the United States and south Korea have nothing to hide, they should admit the investigation team assembled by the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, present all their supposed evidence to it and grant it all necessary and reasonable access. They should also admit impartial investigators from China, Russia and from non-aligned and neutral counties on the same terms.

    “This meeting denounces the British government for having once again slavishly echoed the lies and slanders of the US imperialists and south Korean reactionaries and for preposterously demanding that the DPRK, an innocent party, be punished. Sixty years ago, a Labour government sent national servicemen to wage war against the Korean people, costing some 1,000 of them their lives. Ten years after Britain at last established diplomatic relations with the DPRK, it is high time that a page was turned to a new era of friendship and cooperation with the Korean people on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and non-interference in internal affairs.

    “This meeting expresses its full support for all the measures taken by the DPRK in self-defence and says:


  2. 4. Compare and contrast.
    9/11; Al-Qaeda; brags We did it(, was not wrong, not sorry about it and we will do it again).
    Cheonan; North Korea; brags We didn’t do it (therefore, presumably, was wrong, sorry about it and we will not do it). (Why the difference?)
    Crime and punishment. If we are taking consequentialist moral philosophy, and if the utilitarian utility of punishment is to prevent future crime, then punishment serves little or no purpose (maybe to others but not)to North Korea who says ‘We didn’t do it,’ because either (a) the North didn’t do it, therefore the punishment will be outrageous injustice,
    or (b) the North did do it, but ‘We didn’t do it’ basically implies ‘We will not do it.’
    (This particular ‘it’ hardly gives the North any payoff.)
    *If you don’t get scared of us, how can We become the terrorist, and if you don’t know We did it, how can you get scared of us?

    5. Representative democracy is not pure democracy. (Pure)Direct democracy of a nation-size is now (or becoming) possible, through recent developments in computer science and technology, making secure private Internet-voting, democratic online discussions, cheap instantaneous micro referendum and freedom of choice to vote directly on an issue or use an agent possible.
    The science (computer science) should finally make the people, the governed, the actual de facto governor in democracy.

    6. I take this honor of hereby formally asking the folks in Norway to consider awarding a Nobel Peace Prize to the “Supposedly less so enlightened” Korean people including myself,
    who in early days, among various activities, proposed the “outside” world contact initiative for the Cheonan peace, providing email addresses of all the foreign embassies in Korea, U.N., Hillary, Obama, and the foreign media.