Thursday, November 12, 2015

EU-Africa Summit on Migration – “Communists call for the demilitarisation in Africa”.

The Communist Party of Malta stated that “the EU-African Summit on Migration taking place in Malta totally violates the principle of participatory democracy. International organisations working in Africa and others taking care of the well being of irregular or assisted immigrants are kept out from contributing to this conference. We express solidarity with all these organizations”.
“With respect to the summit, the Communist Party of Malta urges all State participants to radically alter the way the International Monetary Fund and the WTO operate with respect to Africa. The policies prescribed by the World Bank and IMF have increased poverty in the African continent. Also people in Africa are not benefiting from the exploitation of Africa national resources by private companies”, stated the Communist Party of Malta.
“With regards to wars and conflict, the Party appeals all European countries to work towards the demilitarization in Africa, especially to stop the flow of arms to militant groups in Africa”.

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  1. the control and diversification of the military is the first step towards world peace