Thursday, December 24, 2015

Success for the Left Parties in Spain.

The Communist Party of Malta congratulates all the left parties  in Spain for the success obtained in last Sunday's  general elections these parties include amongst them the left-radical movement of Podemos, Communists in the block Izquierda Unida/Unidad Popular, and other left wing parties from the Basque region
Euskal Herria Bildu  and “En Marea a coalition of Left and Communist Parties from Galicia"

 On the other hand, The Communist Party of Malta expresses its' solidarity with the communists in Ukraine, which are now being banned from taking part in local and general elections by the reactionary, fascist, and ultra-conservative government of Kiev.

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  1. We're now visiting Malta, and is a real honor.
    I come from Spain. Probably we remain in your country until 5 january.
    Excuse my awful english. Never give up, comrades.