Sunday, May 22, 2016

Worker’s Day Message

On the occasion of the International Worker’s Day, the 1st of May, The Communist Party of Malta said "that various workers in Malta are facing uncertainties as the right to regular and decent conditions of employment is not any more protected".
The Party added that “precarious work contracts are becoming the order of the day. Under these new conditions the workers suffer from precarious, insecure, uncertain, and unpredictable working conditions”.
“There is an urgency for progressive Trade unions, workers, social movements and the left in Malta to come together to confront this new type of exploitation, and struggle for a decent wage, a secure future, social protection, and access to rights. This universality and dimension of the problem, calls also, for a coordinated and comprehensive action at the international and European level”.
The Communist Party of Malta is also aware of the increase of the extreme right wing ideology which is on the rise in Europe. This ideology threatens the principle of worker’s solidarity and the emancipation of the working class. This false belief targets vulnerable workers, immigrants and other minorities, with the aim to alienate the workers from their real struggles towards social justice and a classless society”.


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