Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Religious Instruction in State Run Schools

Self proclaimed Maltese Patriots in an Islamophobic stance

The Communist Party of Malta believes that the controversy that is going on in Malta right now about the teaching of Islamic Religion in state run schools is a xenophobic, nationalistic, and a hysterically religious fervour which amounts to a fascistic attitude, that without hesitation the Party condemns. 
The Communist Party of Malta deems that that Maltese state should be secular. As State and Church should be separate entities. If so then there would have been  no obligation for the state to offer religious instruction classes in state run schools. However reality in Malta is quite different
The Self Government constitution of 1947 was drawn up by an assembly made up by the political parties and all the NGO’s that existed then. This assembly decided that Malta should be a Secular state, but the Government that was elected subsequently decided otherwise and declared Malta as a Catholic state. This has obliged subsequent Maltese Governments since then, to provide religious instruction in state run schools. The Maltese Constitution also provides a clause that does not allow any discrimination on racial, colour, and religious bases
In Malta today live Maltese citizens that belong to other religious denominations, such as Islam and other faiths. This obliges the Maltese state to provide them also with religious instruction in state run school according to their religious believes. A case already exists where civics classes are held for the children that their parents object that they should be given religious instructions
The Maltese Communist Party praises the position taken by the Maltese Government and also the Catholic Hierarchy for it’s’ support towards the solving of the problem of Islamic religious teaching to Maltese students that are of that faith.

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