Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Statement of the Secretariat of the Initiative against the NATO Summit in Brussels

On the 11th and 12th of July a Summit of NATO Heads of State and Governments will be held in Brussels, Belgium, with a dangerous agenda at the expense of the peoples.

Previous summits of this type have been used to introduce new reactionary policies and invite new members in NATO. In the recent years, NATO has put forward decisions for the creation of multi-tentacled military formations around Russia, new rapid imperialist intervention corps, a deeper cooperation with the EU apart from the intensifying rivalries between the USA and the EU, for the allocation of 2% of the GDP of the state-members for military expenditures. Last year’s meeting coincided with the controversial integration of Montenegro into the alliance against the popular will of the Montenegrins, while in the margins of its intention to expand euroatlantic control of the Western Balkans and of the Black Sea is now paving the integration of FYROM, as well as of Ukraine and of Georgia. The Agreement of Greek and FYROM’s government is used as a passport for the purpose of the integration of FYROM, which promotes the EU-NATO dangerous plans in the Balkans.
Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, NATO has steadily expanded in Europe and beyond, which contrary to its claims of enforcing stability has aggravated inter-imperialist contradictions further and emboldened its associated frontier states, whether full members or not, to facilitate and escalate anti-popular measures. NATO-aligned governments have been able to pursue policies fueling ethnic collides such as in Balkans, Baltic States, Georgia or Ukraine, to serve the monopolies’ interests in their aim for the control of the energy resources, of their routes of transportation, of the markets.

NATO countries recently pledged to dispense 20% of their defense expenditures on major equipment spending, providing a substantial source of income for its monopolies. With the recent announcement of Colombia as NATO΄s «global partner», it implies not only a strengthening of a US spearhead on the South American continent, but also ample new economic opportunities for monopolies in the South and Central American markets.

Currently, serious competitions within the imperialist alliance are noted, which are seen in practice through the dawning of a trade war primarily between the United States and other members of the organization. In this context, the intensifying of the militarization of the EU with its Common Security and Defense Policy and the “International Strategy” of the EU that foresee dangerous plans such as the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), the European Intervention Initiative and the so-called Military Mobility, in the framework of cooperating with NATO but will separately assist EU imperialists in enforcing their interests abroad independently, with the African continent and the Middle East as particular targets of the military involvement of the EU and its member states.

In view of these developments it is clear that the imperialist alliances are becoming increasingly volatile, that they cannot be permanent, and that the capitalist system at their base is becoming more reactionary and dangerous. The much repeated bourgeois myth of the EU as a peace project has in reality turned out to be exact opposite.

Let΄s strengthen the struggle against imperialist war, the EU, the NATO and all imperialist alliances!
End the system of exploitation that breeds wars, crises, refugees, exploitation!

Long live socialism!


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  2. Funny how you call every non-communist country that takes parts in world conflicts as "imperialist", while you and your commie friends were imperialists yourselves forcing the communist system on every nation that the Soviet Union has taken control of, including puppet nations such as Poland or East Germany.

    Communism is a failed totalitarian ideology which will NEVER win in Europe. It brought nothing but a one-party totalitarian state, poor economy, slow development and crimes against any political opposition, compared to the democratic and wealthy USA and Western Europe.

    Capitalism might have its negatives but its positives outweigh its negatives a lot.

  3. I regret to tell you that both ideologically and historically you are found wanting. Firstly there has never been a Communist state in existence yet, so you cannot call it "a failed totalitarian system.
    The Soviet Union was a Socialist state on its way towards. So were the Countries in Eastern Europe, which you claim that the Soviet Union was forcing Communism on them. Your Anti Communism blinds you. After the Second World War in the Yalta Conference the victors split up Europe into two spheres of influence. Italy France and Greece would have had Socialist Governments if they were not in the United States Sphere of influence. In fact Greece got invaded because the Communist Party would not submit to Churchill's will first by Britain then by the US.
    I have not referred to all countries when I call them Imperialist. I only label the U.S. and its NATO allies as Imperialist.
    Brush up your History and also learn what Socialism really is, before you launch an attack a Press release from The Communist Innitiate with the European Union.