Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Is Cuba a democracy or a dictatorship?

If I were to ask you this Question, some would surely say a dictatorship, I am sure.  This,  however, is the wrong answer, the trouble is, that is how the US controlled Western Media describe Cuba, This is very from the truth. In fact, Cuba has a more democratic system than ours here in Malta.
Democracy in Cuba is a participatory democracy, where political power is in the hands of the people and not in the hands of political parties, There are about 133 thousand grass root organizations in which the population participates. Each organization has its own assembly and each assembly elects a delegate to represent them in the National Assembly, with a mandate that this delegate will speak and support of what was decided in the assembly. Failing to do so he is recalled back and replaced
At present in Cuba a  new constitution is being discussed at this grassroots assemblies when agreements are reached, in each assembly, then each assembly contribution goes to the National Assembly. The Final agreements go back to the people. Who will accept or reject it in a referendum.
This is a far cry to what is happening here in Malta with regards to a new constitution that is being discussed now.
This in itself explains why there is no need for any other Political Party in Cuba, then the Party of the revolution which is the Communist Party of Cuba.

How could there be a dictatorship in Cuba? :
When after the revolution illiteracy was completely eradicated, over 10 Million persons were taught how to read and write.
Where the health system is the best and advanced even US citizens go there for cure
Where during his tenure as President of Cuba Fidel Castro, one could have met him on the streets mingling with people.
One must understand to achieve this popular democracy one must completely do away with the class society that exists in a liberal bourgeois democracy.  Unless the Bourgeoisie are completely silenced there can never be an egalitarian society.
 If we want Privileges, classes, to disappear, free markets must be done away with.
 This is not undemocratic, you are liberating the masses from exploitation, and from the dictatorship of the Capital. The Capitalist system must be eliminated, and so must the bourgeois class that lives from this system.

Finally that what being a socialist really means  

 This Short address was delivered at a commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Cuban  Revolution organized by ALBA Malta-North Africa in Conjunction with the Communist Party of Malta on Sutarday 12th January 2019. 
Victor Degiovanni.

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