Thursday, April 4, 2019

Message to The Communist Party of Turkey

Fatih Macoglu Communist Mayor of Dersim
Dear Comrades

                        Allow me  to convey the Greetings of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Malta for the results obtained by the Communist Party of Turkey "TKP" in the Municipality Elections especially in the City of Dersim where history was made by the election for the first time in Turkey of a Communist Mayor and also for the gains made by TKP since the previous municipal elections. The Central Committee of the CPM augers more successes in the struggles of its fraternal party the TKP.

Fraternal regards
Victor Degiovanni

for C.C. of CPM


  1. Dear Comrades
    I am in Malta on vacation with a Teachers group from the US. I am a member of the Communist Party of the United States and would love to connect with you while here. On Saturday we have a free tour day and I am thinking of going to the Citadel Science Festival. Do you think we could meet up?
    A big comradely hug,
    Carol Widom
    Plz text me if you wish.


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