Sunday, March 8, 2020

Statement of the ECI Secretariat on the International Women's Day

Today, not only social discrimination in EU's state-members at the expense of women are maintained, but also deepened as a result of capitalist exploitation and a consequence of the all-rounded attack of the capital with harsh measures against women's of the working class, salaried scientists, self-employed, farmers, pensioners. It is demonstrated again that lack of stable daily and weekly working hours, in conditions where women bear almost the exclusive responsibility for caring for the family, the generalized insecurity of the working woman, are not a result of some so-called  "wrong" political choices of the EU and its governments. 

The EU and its governments in a unitary way defend the fundamental axis of the EU strategy for intensifying the exploitation and oppression of salaried women, as a means for improvement of the competitiveness of the business groups. By invoking "gender equality", "equal treatment", "equal opportunities", "balancing professional and personal life", they abolish the last of the rights such as restricting night-shifts for women, maternity leaves, positive difference in the retirement age etc. 

The ECI calls for the strengthening of the struggle for permanent defense of the contemporary rights of women in work, social protection of maternity and family. 
Only with the economic and political power in the hands of the working class can women's work and use of free-time  take on a creative content; this is the way for equality and emancipation of women to be built upon solid foundations.

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