Thursday, June 4, 2009

Motion in Solidarity with Cuba

18th International Communist Seminar

“Youth – the current situation of youth, the work of communists among youth, and the incorporation of new generations in Communist Parties”

Brussels, 15-17 May 2009

Motion in Solidarity with Cuba

The parties meeting at the 18th International Communist Seminar in Brussels express our solidarity with the people of Cuba and we welcome the 50th Anniversary of the Revolution.

In spite of all the attempts by the imperialists to destroy, condemn and isolate the Cuban Revolution, it marches forward with its development and strengthening, and it is thus ratified as a just, equitable and sustainable alternative.

We recognize the contribution that Cuba has made to the process toward the integration that is being consolidated in Latin America. We support the struggle of the peoples of Latin America aimed at building anti-imperialist and democratic societies and with socialist aspirations, all of which move ahead in spite of the conspiracies designed by the U.S. and the counterrevolutionary offensive.

We demand the lifting of the economic, commercial and financial blockade that has been imposed on Cuba for more than 48 years by the successive U.S. governments and that represents the loss of more than 93 billion dollars. The blockade is the main obstacle for the economic and social development of the Cuban people. There is no political or moral excuse that could justify the continuation of this genocidal policy. The blockade must be lifted, without any delay or preconditions, and without expecting Cuba to have to provide some action or gesture of any type.

We demand the immediate liberation of the Five Cuban Heroes who have been held in prison for more than 10 years in the U.S. for fighting against terrorism and who have been victims of hate, of arbitrary actions and of the injustice of the empire.

We support the continuation of the political dialogue between Cuba and the European Union as an important step toward the full normalization of relations. We demand that the common position be eliminated for its unilateral and inflexible character, which reflects a prejudiced and manipulated vision of Cuban society.

We demand that Cuba’s right of self-determination and their right to build without delay the political, economic and social system that its people have chosen be respected, which constitutes a unquestionable attribute of sovereignty.

Long Live International Solidarity!
Long Live Socialism!

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