Monday, February 14, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta condemns GO’s redundancies directive.

The Communist Party of Malta describes the decision by GO to reduce its workforce as an attempt to break unity among the workers.

“The company is using a language that does not give the real picture behind this exercise to reduce workers. The Communist Party of Malta asks about the weak investment Go made in Greece, whether it is the real reason why the company wants to reduce workers?”.

It is important to remind that in the past years when the company was state owned, workers used to enjoy good conditions of employment. Today, after the company had been privatized many of the regular workers had no option but to terminate their employment. While many of the new employees that the company is employing, are being offered only precarious conditions of employment, such as jobs on a few months’ contract, part-time work, and ‘self employed’.

The Communist Party of Malta deplores such a move as this is changing the existing working conditions, thus giving the company absolute control over the working conditions of the employees and thus weakening the trade unions. The Party expresses its solidarity with the worker that had been dismissed illegally by the company.

The Communist Party of Malta strongly suspects that this shift towards redundancies will lead the last 150 workers who currently enjoy a regular job to be replaced by other new workers with precarious conditions, as it is happening in the Postal sector.

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