Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta’s position on the events taking place in the Arab World.

The Communist Party of Malta looks upon the events in the Arabic countries as a people's revolution against the capitalist system which has brought about only social inequality, poverty and imperialist domination over the people. The only fear is that fundamentalism will emerge victorious.

The fact that the Maltese Government has found himself in an ambiguous position on this issue is nothing new. Other Governments that have supported American imperialism and its’ capitalist economic system have also found themselves in the same position. The EU through the European Parliament is still taking right wing positions, as if neo liberalism and U.S. imperialism are ideologies that promote social justice.

The Communist Party of Malta believes in a new social order where socialism, social justice and global peace prevail, and not imperialism that creates war and greed, nor neo-liberalism that creates modern slavery.

”It would be better for Malta if as a nation we endorse neutrality seriously and should not ally ourselves with reactionary and imperialist forces. The allowing of naval warships in our ports, do not augur well to keep a neutral position to promote peace and social justice in the Mediterranean. We condemn the Maltese Government for not keeping the policy of Neutrality and in doing so is ridiculing the Maltese Constitution”.

The Communist Party of Malta concludes by paying tribute to the peoples of Arabic countries who are protesting against the regimes imposed on them by
western imperialism.

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