Friday, January 18, 2013

The Communist Party condemns the killing of three Kurdish activists

The Communist Party of Malta joins in solidarity with other communist parties and the European Left Block to condemn the killing of three Kurdish activists in Paris . One of them Sakine Cansiz, was the founder of the PKK (Worker’s Party of Kurdistan).
“The three Kurdish activists will still be remembered for their determination and work towards sovereignty of the Kurdish territory, peace and justice. They have worked for a long time at European level and contributed towards the formation of the European Parliament's Kurdish Friendship Group”.
The Communist Party of Malta said that “the Kurdish people are still paying a heavy price for their commitment to peace and justice. The European Union should stop labeling the Kurdish as terrorists, and instead should exert more pressure on the Turkish Administration to respect the Kurdish people and their culture and work towards autonomy.
“Our condolences go towards the families of the victims, the people as well as their leaders”, concluded the Communist Party of Malta.

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