Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes reduction of energy tariffs.

The Communist Party of Malta views the political debate with regards energy as a positive one. “This means, that today there is a political consensus that the present energy tariffs, as they are, are affecting families negatively”.  
“Till date the only measures implemented by the centre-right government that has just resigned were high priced energy tariffs; a non-sense privatisation of the gas service; investment in condemned heavy fuel oil, and a minimum investment in renewable energy of 0.5%”.    
“On international level, the only energy system adopted by the ruling classes is mostly based on oil, gas, coal, and nuclear. This is reflected also in the European energy grid. Many countries, such as Germany , China and India are nowadays going back to the use of coal. This shows that the monopolistic capitalist system based on maximisation of profits is not sustainable and has entered into a deep crisis”.     
The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the political class that any solution to the energy problem should steer away from privatisation, protects energy sovereignty, and affordability of basic consumption. Also solutions should not involve redundancy of Enemalta employees.   Investment in renewable energy should be more on a national basis. 

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