Monday, March 3, 2014

The Communist Party of Malta condemns “EU double standards ” with regards to Ukraine’s internal affairs.

The Communist Party of Malta said that “the position taken by the European Union is condemnable, both in its double standards and hypocrisy”.

“In 2010, the Council of Europe passed a resolution 1755 to welcome “the consolidation of power” of the democratically elected President Yanukovich in Ukraine, and called this as being “desirable”. This was the time when Yanukovich was in constant negotiations with EU partners to bring the country close to the European Union”. 

“The change in EU position and the support given to the opposition to throw out of power the democratically elected president is a clear signal that the EU is losing its democratic credentials and acting the same way as any other imperialist country”.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the only democratic voice in this crisis, the Communist Party of Ukraine which is calling for a national referendum on the definition of foreign economic policy of Ukraine’s integration and to carry out a political reform, eliminate the institution of the president and install a parliamentary republic, significantly expand the rights of territorial communities. 

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