Monday, March 31, 2014

The Maltese Government should adhere to Freedom Day’s Principles.


The Communist Party of Malta commemorates Freedom Day and appeals to the Maltese Government to sustain a neutral foreign policy that keeps away from all military blocks.  
“The position taken by the Maltese Government with regards to the UE policy that supported and abetted the coup against the democratically elected government in the Ukraine, and the agreement reached between the Zionist state of Israel and Malta are all signs that Malta’s foreign policy have changed from an non-aligned Neutral policy to one that is servile to US imperialism”.
“The regular visit of foreign military vessels in our ports is a violation of the Maltese Constitution. The same applies to the Maltese participation in ‘NATO’s Partnership for Peace’. Freedom Day should inspire the government to embrace a policy that promotes peace in the Mediterranean and strengthens sovereignty”.
“With regards to the ‘Arab Spring’, the Communist Party of Malta urges the government to give support to progressive and secular movements and condemn Islamic extremism that is being supported by US Imperialism”.
“The Maltese Government should also oppose the Neo-liberal agreement (TTIP) that is being negotiated between the US and EU with the aim to further deregulate and liberalize the economic market between the two blocks, which is a direct threat to people’s sovereignty from Multi-Nationals, dismantlement of worker’s rights, consumer’s protection, the environment, and the privatization of public services, such as health and education”, states the Communist Party of Malta.

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