Thursday, April 30, 2015

May Day Message of the PKM

On the Occasion of Worker’s Day, the Communist Party of Malta joins up with the International Communists and Worker’s movement in the struggle against precariousness, poverty, unemployment, the dismantlement of public services and the welfare state.
The Party condemns all those that refute the class struggle. It’s a shame that the mainstream political parties in Malta support neoliberal policies which are bringing about precariousness. Infact 22% of the workers in Malta are being employed in precarious work which varies from part-time employment to work on a defenite contract.
“With regards to social services, The Communist Party of Malta condemns Goverment’s policy that give more importance to dependancy rather than the adequacy of social benfits. In this regard, the Government should increase it’s expenditure on non- contributory benefits, so that persons are not at risk of poverty. The Party stated that although the economy growth is reaching higher levels, so is poverty”.    
With respect to public services, the Party believes that the State should not abdicate from it’s responsabilities in running these services. Policies that favour public-private- partnerships in the Health sector will finally result in the privatisation of public services, with the risk of inferior working conditions, increase in the public expenditure, and the deterioration of this service. In countries where such policies were applied, people had to pay for the service.  
The Communist Party of Malta insists that “the Government should re-introduce an increase in the taxation for those whose wage bracket varies between €20,000 and €60,000 per annum. On the other hand the Party appeals for a national campaign against tax evasion”.
The Party concludes by appealing to all Trade Unions in Malta to join together and take control of May Day Celebrations. In European Capitals this is the norm.


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