Friday, May 1, 2015

The May 1st Declaration of the Secretariat of the Initiative of the Communist and Workers Parties Europe.

The first of May –the Day of the working class, is a day to remember and honour the workers who gave their lives for the rights of the working class. It symbolizes its struggle to liberate itself from wage slavery and to abolish the exploitation of man by man, for socialism-communism. We continue to openly declare our aims, we address a call to the working men and women all over the world: the rotten capitalist system based on exploitation cannot be improved, it can only be overthrown. The EU cannot be improved and capitalism cannot become people-friendly. No management of this barbaric exploitative system can constitute a way out for the people. The only way out is the overthrow of the power of the monopolies, the socialization of the means of production. Viva  socialism!

We raise the significance of this important day for all workers, when here in Europe millions of people are jobless, mainly from the younger generation, when poverty is expanding. The future of the youth is seriously endangered. Basic rights of the working class are restricted, women are being discriminated against, poor farmers are being ruined and the self-employed are oppressed by the monopolies. The barbaric capitalist path of development is being followed all over Europe either with the management of the social-democrats, new or old, or with the liberals, with or without memoranda, regardless of a country’s relationship or association with the EU. This day symbolizes the demands on the path of class struggle, for permanent and stable work with rights, for all the contemporary needs of the working class and other poor popular strata that are being suffocated. It means fighting for the emancipation of the workers from employer-led trade unionism and the compromised leaderships.
Today’s May the First takes place in a period which is characterized by the strengthening of fascism, for example in Ukraine, which 70 years after the Great Anti-fascist Victory of the Peoples is being provocatively backed by the EU, the USA and NATO and their imperialist interventions that heroize those who collaborated with the Nazis! We reject the imperialist wars as intensely as we reject exploitation and the system that creates it. We reject the interference of imperialism inside independent states. We struggle for peace against the unjust wars. We commit all our forces so that the events to honour  May 1 and as well as those for the 70th anniversary of the Great Antifascist Victory of the Peoples will  be massive and successful.

Communist and Workers’ parties from all over the Europe gathered in ‘The European Communist Initiative’ and fight against the EU monopolies and their power.  They confront and oppose the crude anti-communist propaganda, the bans, the obstacles and restrictions on the activity of Communist Partie
s which are promoted by the EU. The EU which provocatively and anti-historically equates communism with fascism.

 We address ourselves to you, working men and women, youth, pensioners, with the message - the unity of our class is necessary against the offensive of capital, the alliance with all the poor oppressed strata is our path.

Today, capital’s forces know their reign is coming to an end. Hope is to be found in the struggle for our contemporary rights against the monopolies and their power. PROLETARIANS OF ALL COUNTRIES, UNITE.

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