Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Budget: A step forward but more have to be done to address Poverty

The Communist Party of Malta views as a step forward the number of measures introduced in this budget with the aim to assist more, those pensioners on low income, persons with disability and workers on a minimum wage income.

“Regards adequacy of the national minimum wage and the national basic pension, still the budget lacks to address this precarious situation, where many will still be at-risk-of poverty.  Adequacy of the minimum wage demands a fair increase in the national minimum wage income. With regards to basic pension, for this to mature, the number of years involved should be reduced. In 20 years time the basic pension will again become inadequate”.

“With regards to measures, to assists those in need of financial assistance to be able to pay their rent for their accommodation, the party agree in principle, but other measures should have been introduced to curb the speculation with regards to rent fees, as prices will keep on increasing”.       

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