Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Communist Party of Malta - Budget should target poverty and social exclusion.

The Communist Party of Malta states that “the government should introduce measures in the coming budget that benefit mostly those in needs, such as, the people in the lower strata of society, the minimum wage earners, pensioners and single parent families”.  

The party added that “poverty is a social and economic issue, and thus a rise in the national minimum wage income should be a must, irrespective of the COLA increase. Other measures should include adjustment in the mechanism of COLA”.

“Also the government should start implementing housing reforms to help those in need in society. As things stand, with the rise in property prices and non affordable rent bills, adding also an unstable situation for workers with precarious employment and low wages,

“With regards to pensioners,  the most important aspect against poverty is the adequacy of the pension system.  The party appeals to the government to revise its policy for the national minimum pension is brought about within a shorter time period , and not as proposed on a twenty years time period”.

“Single parent families, with the majority being of female gender are also facing economical and poverty problems. Many, due to family responsibilities and commitments are opting for a part-time employment, thus working on low-pay. Thus the Government should assist financially those earning less than the minimum wage”.

The Government should also start to eradicate the abusive working conditions immigrants are facing in their daily life. The proposal, to open job centers to assist immigrants to seek job and at the same time aim legislation for decent working conditions
 should be implemented”.

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