Monday, May 31, 2010

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the killing of humanitarian activists

The Communist Party of Malta condemns without any reservation, the Israelis’ barbaric act of piracy against a civilian convoy flotilla that was taking humanitarian aid to Gaza. This attack was carried by the Israeli Armed Forces in International waters.

This murderous aggression left 19 peaceful civilians dead and scores of other persons wounded. This adds to the list another Israeli crime against humanity.

The Communist Party of Malta shows solidarity with the activists aboard these ships, and extends it condolences to the families of the victims who died in the Israeli attack.

The Communist Party of Malta rejects totally the Israeli arguments that this convoy was breaking international law and reiterates that, it is the Israeli State who has committed the illegality. To attack any ship in international waters is an act of piracy.

The Blockade that Israelis are enforcing on Gaza is also illegal, and is only supported by US imperialism and the EU. The Communist Party of Malta calls on the Maltese Government to follow other countries example and send back the Israeli Ambassador.

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