Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Communist Party of Malta shows Solidarity with Bianca Zammit.

The Communist Party of Malta shows Solidarity with Bianca Zammit and other left wing activists that support the Palestinian Cause who are victims of the Israel Occupying Military Force in Gaza. Due to this illegal occupation, 20% of agricultural land in the Gaza strip is being used as a buffer Zone instead of agricultural purposes.

The Communist Party of Malta along with other Communists and left Parties condemn the brutal attacks that are being continually committed against the Palestinian population in Gaza who are suffering poverty and lack of basic services because of the total isolation that they are finding themselves in.”

“We deplore the European Parliament for not having a common stance on this issue, although we understand that the majority of the European Countries and Parliamentarians support Israeli Imperialism. We welcome the role and position taken by the United Left Block in the European Parliament to bring forward the Palestinian and Kurdish people cause.”

The Communist Party of Malta has always supported the Palestinian struggle and we agree with the ‘two state’ solution that is also endorsed by the Communist Party of Israel.

“We note that certain western countries have a hypocritical policy toward the Middle East issue. They are using two weights two measures as they have never condemned Israel as a ‘rogue state’ on its continuous non observance of UN resolutions, while on the other hand they rejected Palestinian Sovereignty by not accepting election results that gave Hamas the right to govern in the Gaza Strip.”

“We are appalled by the comments made by the Israeli Ambassador in Malta and the People of Malta should not accept any interference in our internal affairs.”

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