Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Communist Party of Malta shows Solidarity with the Population of Thailand

Communist Party of Malta
14/8, Vincenti Bldgs, Strait str, Valletta . VLT1432

20 th May 2010

Press Release

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the attack by Thai military force on the ‘Red shirt’ movement, were hundreds of people were killed in this bloody attack.

The Communist Party of Malta shows Solidarity with the ‘red shirt’ movement and their struggle for the emancipation of the working class, peasants and the poor people of Thailand .

“The conflict in Thailand represents the poor, who are the vast majority against the wealthy elite around the royal family and the military power. The people of Thailand are being forced into prostitution, cheap labour and massive exploitation by Thai puppets under the thumb of western imperialism.”

The Communist Party of Malta supports the ‘red shirt’ movement, who were using a peaceful strategy to unite the population to oust the Administration of Abhisit Vejjajiva, the British – born, Eton and Oxford Educated, puppet Prime Minister, previously installed on the command of the Royal Palace and the military top brass, aqfter a military coup.

“The Thai People are becoming consciously aware of the progressive stances achieved by Leftist Governments in various Latin American countries fighting against neoliberalism and US imperialism, that include Venezuela , Bolivia , Ecuador , Uruguay and others.”

“The European Union has not officially taken position against the use of force by the right wing military regime on the Thai population. This shows political bias on the side of the EU.”

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