Monday, January 17, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta on the situation in Tunisia

The Communist Party of Malta gives it’s full support to the Tunisian people who are struggling for freedom and working class emancipation.

" Tunisia which for years was admired and supported by the West for its capitalist economy and it’s support to imperialism, is now in a revolutionary situation where the workers' movement supported by the Communist Party of Tunisia and other progressives are calling for a radical change to improve the people’s conditions."

Tunisia could be an example for the working class in Europe who are currently bearing the brunt of the austerity measures and high prices of energy and food imposed by the international markets.

The Communist Party of Malta compare these events with those that occurred in Thailand last year where people were killed and communist leaders imprisoned for protesting against poverty and against the military imposed government, with the King’s blessing.

The Communist Party of Malta regrets that again, the European Union failed to take a clear position on this issue, as it had done previously in the case of Thailand .

We believe that the Communist Party of Tunisia should be involved in the talks that are being held presently to form a new Government and should not be excluded as it is currently being done. Any change in government should be in the interest of the working class and Tunisian people. We deplore the fact that the bourgeoisie are again trying to hinder the revolutionary process.

The Communist Party of Malta gives it’s support and solidarity to the leader of the Communist Party of Tunisia Hamma Hammami who was imprisoned by the ousted Tunisian President Ben Ali. Hamma Hammami is still in prison along with other Communists.

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