Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Message to KPL on the 90th Anniversary of its founding

Dear Comrades,

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Malta sends warm fraternal greetings to its fraternal party the Communist party of Luxembourg on the occasion of its 90th Anniversary from its founding on January 2nd 1921.

From its birth The Communist Party of Luxembourg had struggled for the interest of the working class against capitalist exploitation, and fought valiantly against the fascists occupiers during the Second World War with many of its cadres sacrificing their lives in that arduous struggle.

The Communist Party of Malta acknowledges your parliamentary work and your ability to win parliamentary seats in the national parliament and also representation in many communal administrations, thus enabling the party to continue the struggle for the improvement of the conditions working class also from within your country’s’ legislative assembly.

The publication of the newspaper “Zeitung vom Letzebuerger Volleke” on a daily basis was also a great achievement, and shows the support the KPL enjoys among the working people in Luxembourg.

The Communist Party of Malta augers that the celebration of your 90th Anniversary further strengthens the Communist Party of Luxembourg in the forthcoming struggles against the imposition of austerity measures on the working class to make good for the present capitalist crises.

The Communist Party of Malta encourages the Communist Party of Luxembourg to continue on the path of active struggle, so that along with other fraternal parties from all over the world will put an end to exploitation of men by men, for the abolition of the moribund capitalist system. , For the dissolution of NATO. EU and all other Imperialist instruments of aggression.. Moving forward, towards, a better socialist future, which will ensure world peace.

Long Live Marxism Leninism

Long Live the Communist Party of Luxembourg

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