Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PR: The Communist Party of Malta about the increases in energy prices


The Communist Party of Malta notes that the increase in the price of energy and gas will lead to a new social poverty. These increases are directly affecting the working classes and the pensioners. Many workers with low income are finding it more difficult to keep their present standard of living. National statistics confirm this.

”It is shameful that the political class in government is not being sensitive to the problems that the people face everyday. The use of energy and gas are an essential resource in the daily life of every family, and it should oblige the government to take the necessary social measures so that this commodity remains accessible to everyone”.

"Trade Unions are all of the same opinion that the government is abandoning its social policy and is adopting a right wing agenda where only the powerful and the rich succeed.”

The Communist Party of Malta believes that right wing governments lack in social conscience. This can be seen by the huge increase in the salaries of Government MPs, while the cost of living increase given to the people was a mere pittance. Only the workers are bearing the burden of the austerity measures.

"The social gap under the present Nationalist government is being widened. We urge the Government to take immediate measures in order to protect those with low incomes and pensioners, while reintroducing ‘a subsidy policy’ on essential basic commodities and taxing more capital gains”.

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