Friday, January 6, 2012

The Communist Party criticises the economic policies of the EU.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the attitude that is being taken by the European Union where every day it is distancing itself from the path to a Social Europe. The creation of regular and decent jobs and the social protection for pensioners and the unemployed are no longer on the European agenda.

“The corporate model, which in history was associated with Italian fascism, where the Unions were forced to participate in the social and economic fora, is leading to the dismantling of worker’s rights. They are also deceiving the Trade Unions claiming that by leaving the system in the control of the European institutions, better social policies and more democracy will result.

“The fact is that with the fall of the Soviet Union, the EU felt that any left wing counterforce has vanished, thus neo liberal policies became triumphant and is increasingly exploiting the workers and threatening people’s sovereignty.”

“EU priorities are for a reduction in labour costs, dismantling of social policies and the privatisation of statal pension systems. Employers are also demanding more direct tax cuts and are also refusing to contribute towards the sustainability of the Welfare State System”.

“The Communist Party of Malta maintains that a Europe of Capital has always existed, while there was never a Social Europe. In fact, the European Social Charter was never put into practice. Today the European Union is finding ways and means to retreat from the concept of a Social Europe. In Latin America, neo liberalism has been successfully dismantled.

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