Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Communist Party of Malta shows solidarity with Somali refugees.

The Communist Party of Malta shows its solidarity with the Somali refugees who recently fled from Libya to Malta. The Party understands the unhappy situations that they had undergone in Libya, where several reports have shown that people of African nationality were victims of racial hatred, both during the civil war, as well as today.

“The evacuation of persons of foreign nationality during the civil war in Libya was discriminatory towards persons of African nationalities, and as a consequence many of them were killed.”

The Communist Party believes that the policy of detention of refugees does not honour those who proclaim themselves champions of human rights. The people of Somalia are suffering from famine, lack of clean water and, of medicines. According to the latest United Nations reports, there is an exodus of around one million Somalis to other countries.

The Party calls upon the Maltese Government to protect the rights of these disadvantaged people, victims of capitalist policies, which brought upon them war, poverty and famine.

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