Friday, April 12, 2013

Margaret Thatcher’s legacy.

A Margaret Thatcher victim.

The Communist Party of Malta joins with other left and progressive forces who have expressed rage at the bourgeoisie media’s eulogies to Thatcher, as a great stateswoman.
“Margaret Thatcher together with Ronald Reagan will be remembered for the introduction of Milton Friedman’s and other notorious right wing gurus’ free market policies, which led to the privatisation of public services, dismantling of worker’s rights and the eventual collapse of the economic and social system”.
“Margaret Thatcher will also be remembered as a great friend of the Fascist General, Augusto Pinochet and for her support of South Africa’s Apartheid system, where she also described Nelson Mandela as a terrorist. Thatcher also used an iron fist against political prisoners in Northern Ireland, which through her intransigence led to the death of 19 prisoners who were on a hunger strike.” 
“Her anti-union policies in 1984/85 led also to the break up of the miner’s strike by the use of military force and police violence. This resulted in the injuring of 20,000 miners, 13,000 arrested, 200 imprisoned, and two miners killed on picket lines.”
“Margaret Thatcher was also accused as being a war criminal due to the sinking of the ship ‘Belgrano’ during the ‘Malvinas War’”, concluded the Communist Party.

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