Thursday, December 5, 2013

“Government should keep away from Ukraine’s internal policies” – Communist Party of Malta

The Communist Party of Malta is concerned by the events taking place in Ukraine. The party supports the stand being taken by the Communist Party of Ukraine in condemning the violence committed by the authorities, and the so-called opposition.
“The Opposition against the government is made up of conservatives and extremists. The extreme forces openly represent far right and anti-Semitic positions. They regard Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera as a national hero and are members of the European Alliance of National Movements, which is led by the French National Front politician Bruno Gollnisch and includes Hungary’s Jobbik Party and the British National Party.
“The European Union and the US should stop supporting the Opposition and should not promote another orange revolution. The Ukrainian government was elected democratically therefore Western powers should stop interfering.”   
The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the Government to show respect towards the democratically elected president Viktor Yakunovich on his state visit to Malta next week. The Maltese Government should not interfere with Ukraine’s internal policies.       

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