Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Maltese Activists appealed to Italian Justice Minister to Free left activist Bahar Kimyongur


Activists from the Communist Party of Malta and the NGO Garden of Knowledge have send this following appeal to the Italian Minister of Justice, Anna Maria Cancielleri.   

   The Communist Party of Malta and the organisation Garden of Knowledge are appalled at the arrest of left activist Bahar  Kimyongür,  a Belgian National of Turkish origin in Bergamo by the Italian Security Police(DIGOS) while on his way to attend a conference  about the situation in the “Middle East”.

                 Bahar Kimyongür, who has already been tried in Holland and Belgium, and won his appeal against the extradition order by the Turkish government, should not face another ordeal of an extradition threat. We appeal on the good sense of the Italian state to set Bahar Kimyongür free, as in a democracy it is an accepted  fact that  criticizing the policy of a country is not a crime.

                  Although the Turkish Government is democratically elected it is a known fact that the practices of the Turkish Government are not always democratic, and this has been a stumbling block in Turkey’s attempt to join the European Union. So again we call upon the Italian Government to release Bahar Kimyongür and let him go unhindered.

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