Thursday, December 12, 2013

Solidarity with Ukranian Communists

The Central Committee has sent this message of solidarity to the Communist Party of Ukraine.

 "The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Malta stands behind the Communist Party of Ukraine and all other left and progressive forces, who are under the direct threat from the fascist that are causing unrest in Ukraine. The Party in Malta have appealed to the Government of Malta to keep away from backing the European Union position, which is conveniently ignoring its own rules about democratically elected governments and only seeking its own interest disregarding the vast majority of the Ukrainian people who support the Ukrainian Government.
Towards this aim we had issued a press statement on the 5th of December and this could be seen on the party's blog and also on a local internet news network.
The Party expresses its solidarity with the Communist Party of Ukraine in this moment when US and EU imperialism are posing threats and are using a small fascist minority to bring down a democratically another elected government, which is not to their liking."


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