Tuesday, October 20, 2015

An Appeal To the Communist, Workers and Leftist Parties in the World

For many years, the Syrian state and people have been exposed to a fierce terrorist invasion, led by extremist groups came to Syria from more than 80 countries to destroy the infrastructure, and to shed the blood of innocent citizens.
Definitely, these crimes could not be committed without the boundless support granted to the terrorists by the imperial powers of the USA, France, and the UK, and their partners in our region mainly, the Turkish and gulf regimes, the so-called “the international alliance” which hinders all the efforts to reach a political solution to the Syrian crisis.
Syria has always warned the international society of the dangers of transforming this terrorism and takfirism – threat, into a regional and international one, and that is happening today in many countries like Iraq, Libya and some European countries.
In spite of the Security Council resolution No 2199, which prohibits the financing of the terrorist groups such as “ISIS” and “Al-Nusra Front”, nevertheless the crimes of these groups are still continuing, killing thousands of civilians. As happened to Al-Sheitat tribe in Deir Al-ZOR and Aleppo province the victims of the terrorist groups were school students, besides the massacre in Tel Tamer the province of Al-Hasaka, the majority of which inhabitants are Assyrians, (the old historically well-known population of the region).
Another crime of takfirist groups committed against humanity is the destruction of ancient monuments in Syria and Iraq and the stealing of artifacts, as we believe the aim of such actions is to efface the history of this region.
Lately, those terrorists commit carnage in Mabuja village near by Salamieh, where more than 60 people were killed at night, followed by invasion of Edleb with a contribution from the Turkish armed forces, in addition to many other crimes done by these groups in many of the Syrian cities and villages.
The Syrian communist party (unified)
Requests all the worker and communist parties and all the progressive powers in the world to denounce the terrorist crimes in Syria as well in Iraq, and to express their solidarity with the Syrian people who is still resist against the crimes and dark ideology of the reactionary powers and their extremist tools, the terrorist organizations, in spite of all kinds of blockades, and economic sanctions imposed against them.
The Syrian people are still looking forward to a democratic, secular future through an inclusive national dialogue, to reach a political solution of the Syrian crisis.
No, to the support of terrorism.
Yes, for solidarity and humanitarian support to Syrian people.
Comradely salute.
Hunein Nemer
General Secretary of
The Syrian Communist Party (Unified)

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