Thursday, October 8, 2015

Strong results for the left in Portugal

The Communist Party of Malta congratulates the Portuguese Communist Party for not only managing to keep their position in parliament but also for making gains in the General elections held on November the 4th.
“In these elections the left has managed to make substantial gains. Together the Socialist Party, the Left Bloc and the Communist Green Coalition have captured 50.9% of the popular vote, a 9.8% gain from the previous elections in 2011. The CDU a coalition of the Portuguese Communist Party and the ecological Party (Greens) obtained 8.7% making a 0.4% gain from 2011 general elections.
“The Ruling Centre right coalition comprising of the Social Democratic Party and the Democratic and Social Centre–People's Party have made a loss of 11.9%, as from 50.4 in 2011 they have dropped to 38.5%. Although they have managed to win these elections by being the largest party, they will have to form a minority Government”, stated the Communist Party of Malta.

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