Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Budget lacks immediate measures to tackle poverty.

The Communist Party of Malta said that Budget 2016 lacks in its vision to give importance to raise the minimum wage, which is essential for many workers who are stacked in precarious employment, such as those on a part-time basis and on a definite contract. On the other hand, the Party welcomes measures that once again exempt workers on a minimum wage income from paying tax.
“With regards to the pension reform, the Party stated that the government’s strategy to raise the minimum basic pension to an adequate level by 2027 is positive, but still this does not address the precarious situation of poverty amongst the pensioners today”.
“The tax reduction given to workers in the bracket of less than €19,000 is also a positive step, but when compared to the tax rate reduction given to the well-off in the previous budget, the comparisons are odious, as this does not address social inequality”.
“On the other hand, The Party welcome measures to tackle exploitation of irregular immigrants and the addressing of abusive work practices in government contracts. The Government should introduce legislation against precarious employment”.                

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